Our Fertility Specialist

We have the largest team of fertility specialists consisting of gynaecologists, urologists and embryologists in Singapore. Our specialists’ expertise are accessible to all patients as we work as a team.

Our Specialists

  • Dr Paul Tseng  (Medical Director)
  • Dr Hendricks Marianne Sybille
  • Dr Ann Tan
  • Dr Cheng Li Chang
  • Dr Eunice Chua
  • Dr Loh Seong Feei
  • Dr Maurine Tsakok
  • Dr Teoh Eng Soon
  • Dr Yap Lip Kee

Our Embryologists

  • Ms Christine Wong
  • Ms Tan Chiew Ling
  • Mr Lim Hong Sian

Our Fertility Counsellor

  • Dr Ang Peng Chye

Our Fertility Associates

  • Dr Abdul Aziz Bin Mohd Ali Sujak
  • Dr Adrian Tan
  • Dr Caroline Khi
  • Dr Chen Chern Yi
  • Dr Christopher Ng
  • Dr Henry Cheng
  • Dr Joycelyn Wong
  • Dr Phyllis Liauw

Our Male Fertility Specialists

  • Dr Peter Lim
  • Dr Li Man Kay
  • Dr Enoch Gan

Our Nurse Coordinator

  • Ms Lim Shao Min

Our Administrator

  • Ms Angie Neo

Our TCM Associates

  • Ms Tan Lee Kee
  • Ms Xia Rong
  • Mr Tan Kian Sing
  • Ms Tan Siew Lan
  • Ms Loh Kim Gek
  • Tay Hao Xiang
  • Tay Kim Lik

CARE Handbook: Step-By-Step Guide

Click below to download our handbook detailing an in-depth information and a step-by-step guide to fertility treatment.

CARE Handbook

Need A Helping Hand?

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