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About CARE

Centre for Assisted Reproduction Pte Ltd (CARE) is a specialist centre offering a comprehensive range of fertility services and treatments in a warm and friendly environment. Our highly professional staff makes every effort to provide our patients with personal and individual attention. We firmly believe in reducing the stress involved in treatment, and creating the best possible opportunity for a successful pregnancy. We pride ourselves in being flexible and experienced enough to help couples with even the most difficult fertility problems.

We are completely committed to providing the best medical and laboratory services currently available. We do so in an environment of genuine care and support for couples. Each of our specialists and embryologists has many years of experience and have worked with pioneers who introduced new IVF techniques to Singapore when IVF treatment was first introduced in the eighties.

We use the latest Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) to provide the utmost finest and bespoke care which we tailor towards each individual client. Hence, we have been particularly successful in difficult cases, especially those with severe male factor infertility or azoospermia. Our team together with our Uro-andrologists experts have successfully helped such couples by surgically retrieving sperm directly from the testes for use in ART treatment.

Our program offers diagnostic work-ups as well as a full range of advanced therapeutic treatments. Our full range of services are listed here.

Conveniently located in the heart of Novena Square, and Novena MRT, CARE is easily accessible by public and private transport. We have a flexible appointment system, so that working couples can attend appointments at our clinic at times that suit busy lifestyles.

Success Rates

In CARE, we pride ourselves in what we have been able to achieve from the many years of experience in this field.  Whilst it is helpful to have an idea of the fertility centre’s success rate when considering which centre to approach, it is important to understand that this only provides an average success rate and does not predict what will happen for each individual patient. Success from IVF treatment differs from patient to patient, and also between each treatment for an individual treatment cycle.

Fresh Cycle Clinical Pregnancy Rate according to women’s age group in CARE:

Women’s Age




35–39 years





For an individualised predictor of your IVF success rate, it may be helpful to refer to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology’s (SART) patient predictor to calculate this. (https://www.sartcorsonline.com/Predictor/Patient).

For further information:

Continuous Medical Education

Our medical, nursing and laboratory staff regularly attend local and international meetings and workshops to update and keep abreast with the latest development in the field of infertility.

With our local and overseas network, we are able to draw upon a wide range of clinical expertise required to suit the particular needs of individual patient.

This includes access to gynaecological, laboratory, urological, psychological and nutritional expertise.

CARE Handbook: Step-By-Step Guide

Click below to download our handbook detailing an in-depth information and a step-by-step guide to fertility treatment.

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